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Save Youtube Videos

  • Save YouTube video as 1080p, 2K & 4K formats
  • Save Youtube to mp3 & download (Youtube only)
  • Unlimited free conversions and downloads, no signup
  • No additional software required for HD downloads
  • Works great on any Android phones & devices
  • NEW: search Youtube from here, just start typing
  • NEW: now working with huge youtube playlists!!
  • Youtube save to mp3

  • Find & open video that You want to save to mp3
  • Click Share, then Copy. Link is copied into Clipboard
  • Navigate back to Savemedia mp3 converter
  • Paste link from Clipboard into the white box, submit
  • Use buttons to save Youtube to Mp3 & download
  • A bit of help for those who have no idea what's going on...

    It's easy to use savemedia to download youtube videos or convert youtube to mp3 in just 4 simple steps: Copy, Paste, Submit, Download!

    Copy Video Page Address

    Paste it into the Box Above

    Press the Blue Button to save

    Download & Save Youtube Video

    Q: How to save youtube video and audio using Savemedia?

    Answer: as explained above with infographics, the process is fairly simple.

  • NEW FEATURE! Just start typing the name of the video or whatever search keywords you'd do on Youtube, and we will suggest possible searches and do a youtube search for you, offering a dozen videos that you might want to download from youtube. Click on any video and page will refresh with video link already in the box and download buttons right there!
  • Find and open video you'd like to download and/or convert to mp3 in your internet browser or special app, like facebook or youtube. You don't have to start streaming the video, we just need Video Link.. This method works for both mobile and desktop devices, doesn't matter OS or any other factors. This here is THE universal guide to copy video link.
  • Video Link is really just the web-page address that shows up in browser address bar when you open this video. If you are using any app on your phone, usually look for share link or button, which in turn allows to Copy to Clipboard the URL address of the page with the video. On desktop, press F6 to jump to browser address bar, then press CTRL+A to select text, CTRL+C to copy selected text into Clipboard.
  • Now return home to savemedia, and Paste the link from Clipboard into the white box in the center of the page. At this point, mobile users should just tap the white box and hold their finger until context menu pops up, select Paste from that menu, or some icon that does paste. On desktop, right click in the white box, select Paste from the menu. Or left click in the box and press CTRL+A. This will place earlier copied video address into the white box. Press the blue Download button
  • New page opens up with possible video thumbnail and video title displayed to help you make sure it is the video you want to download from youtube or any other service. You can simply use big red button to save youtube video, or click on the cog to see more download options. Pick 1 or 2 or all, and download them. For best results, right-click and Save As (tap-and-hold + Save Link As for mobile)
  • When saving youtube videos, our website will show youtube to mp3 converter buttons. up to 3 of them. You can use either one to convert youtube video to mp3 and download that mp3. Process usually takes 10-15 seconds for a 5 minute video, please, be patient. 2 big buttons download will start automatically, middle trio will require another click. This feature only works for youtube videos.
  • Q: Why my video isn't downloading, but starts playing?

    Answer: this is a recent change in browser behavior, the Big Internet wants you to keep your audio and video data online, and stream it every time you want to check out your daughter's first ballet performance. Whyyyy?? We don't know. But that is the reason video doesn't download and rather starts streaming. It can easily be worked around, no worries, you are still getting your video!

  • Chrome/Edge: very easy solution is to press ALT and LEFT-Click the download link. You'll notice downloads start always 100% without opening to play or stream. Nice!! This will work in all Chrome-based browsers (Opera, Yandex, Torch, etc) and Microsoft Edge. The latter will actually use our suggested filename to save video file, while chrome doesn't do it.. So you'll need to rename the file to have a meaningful name (sometimes it'll be just videoplayback.mp4). And kudos to MS Edge! 😜
  • Desktop Users: instead of clicking on the video link, try to do the Right-Click; a small context menu will open, find Save Link As... option and click it. Standard file download window will show up next, simply click OK and file will be downloaded.
  • Mobile Users: here we do the "other click", usually referred to as "tap and hold". Tap and hold save video button, until a small context menu pops up, find Download Link option, or any similar one, depending on your device and system.
  • Apple Devices: since Apple really doesn't want you to deal with audio and video outside of iTunes, - it dictates browser makers to disable downloading features on standard html elements, like video and audio. We're sorry, but you need special browser or a plugin that circumvents that system-wide limitation. Until that happens, all your audios and videos will simply stream online instead of download.
  • Q: Where do I find downloaded files? How to play them?

  • Answer: The easiest way to find your file after savetube is through the browser menu. Open the main browser menu, usually in top right corner of the app screen. In that menu find "Downloads" option and click it (or tap it). That will open page with recent downloads listed on it. Now you can right click (tap and hold) the file and select "Open download folder" option. Windows users can also check standard Downloads folder, and if browser was customized to save youtube video elsewhere, it can usually be right on the desktop. If you're having problems with playing the file you've downloaded, we recommend VLC, its bold features and unparalleled ability to play any media make it Savemedia youtube downloader recommended media player. It exists on all platforms and systems, windows, linux, apple, anything mobile, so get on it, it's the best for youtube mp4. You cannot convert youtube to mp3 without a good media player.
  • Storing copies of videos counts as fair use under U.S. copyright law. Please respect the rights of content owners and do not upload copyrighted content elsewhere. We are not affiliated with any video hosting websites such as Break, DailyMotion, Metacafe, TED, Vimeo or YouTube. This Website is to be used only to downloading online video that belongs to you, or owners rights have been passed to you, or the video is licensed under fair use rights license and allows one to save from youtube (the source).